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Chassis/roll cage gussets

Ever see those really trick panels with the flared holes in them in the professionally built racecars and wonder "Where can I get some of those?". Well, now you know! The Toywerks makes them in all shapes and sizes, in steel, aluminum or stainless!

Here are just some of the parts that we currently offer. These are available anytime, and made mostly on demand. We can create similiar products for any vehicle or application, just shoot us an e-mail and ask!

Parts that we currently make...

Gauge/Switch Panels

Want to delete or add gauges or switches to your cars interior with style? We can make you custom panels from aluminum, steel or stainless with brushed, polished or even enigine turned finishes!

Custom Roll cages

Looking for a roll cage for your racecar? We build full custom cages to meet the specs of whatever racing you're looking to do. SCCA, NASA, NHRA, Drifting, Autocross, Road-race, Rally, we've got you covered!

Custom Exhaust

Performance exhaust, bosozoku style pipes, side pipes, lake pipes, down pipes, you name it, we can do it!

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