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Misfit Autowerks is a small fabrication shop that specializes in one-off and short production runs of custom parts for cars, trucks, bikes, or whatever your favorite toy might be.


Along with fabricating our own parts, we will also modify parts that already exist for custom applications, as well as install custom and performance parts.


We are located about a half hour south of Pittsburgh in Washington PA. At the current time, we're a "By appointment only" shop, so shoot us an e-mail with details on what you're looking for, or with any questions that you might have! We'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Contact Us Via E-mail @

Or you can call or text @


About Us


Misfit Autowerks was founded on a passion for vehicles that stand out from the crowd built by people who stray from the norm. We have an affinity for every type of automotive culture from every nation on the planet, and believe in the universal language of horsepower. From muscle cars to sport compacts, rat rods to showstoppers, monster trucks to lowriders, racecars to VIP rides. If it's got wheels and an engine, we're into it.



- Basic machinining (turning and milling)

- Welding (MIG TIG or Stick)

- Exhaust fabrication

- Suspension work

- Custom brake upgrades

- Performance parts installation

- Sheet metal work


-Custom roll cages,tubular members, and harness bars

- More services added as frequently as we can upgrade equipment!


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